13 Benefits Of A Lash Lift

Not completely sure if you need lash lift yet? Go through these 13 benefits of a lash lift - hopefully it will help you to decide:

1. A treatment which enhances your natural lashes without the need for ongoing maintenance. 

2. No need to reach for those eyelash curlers. 

3. Makes your morning routine quicker. 

4. There is no need to wear mascara for a few weeks as the treatment includes a lash tint which darkens the lashes. 

5. The lashes look thicker, fuller and longer. 

6. The eyes will appear more open and youthful. 

7. They are a great alternative to Eyelash Extensions which can be time consuming to have done and require infills. 

8. Low maintenance.  

9. Minimal aftercare required. 

10. The curl lasts around 6 weeks sometimes 8 depending on the health of your lashes and how they take to the treatment. 

11. A Lash Lift is perfect for Special Occasions, Weddings / Honeymoons or as a regular treat every 3 months.  

12. If you are a hayfever sufferer and find your eyes stream or itch like crazy this is perfect for days where you don't want to wear mascara.  

13. After the treatment you will definitely say "Wow" but just wait until the next day when they look even better!


Elle Jones

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Taylor Abrams

Oh my gosh, I adore how you detailed how an eyelash lift treatment eliminates the need for mascara for a few weeks since it darkens the lashes. The lashes appear longer, fuller, and thicker, you added. My need for a lash lift from a reputable aesthetician may have simply been indicated by reading this. In fact, this is fantastic because I need to appear well all the time. https://www.lashlaircalgary.com/

Shammy Peterson

The best part of your blog for me is when you said that you can have your lashes darkened when you consider a lash tinting service. This is something that I will consider before my birthday party on the 30th because I want to achieve lashes that look fuller and richer. I want my eyes to look expressive so I can boost my self-confidence with how I look. https://www.honevees.com/facials

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