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What Is Eyebrow And Lash Lamination

Sister James Loves It!

Elevate The Beauty Is Uncompromising In Quality

We strive to create professional products that meet our customers desires. Our products are results of countless hours experimenting with different lamination formulas from different manufacturers. Lamination solutions for brows and lashes are tested, used and loved by beauty professionals as well as amateurs at home. We hope you’ll love it too!


What Famous Beauty Lovers Say..

Amber Scholl

“Honestly 10 out of 10, will never go to the salon to have this done again because at a salon I got brow lamination for $100, with this kit it’s less than $40, not to mention that I have 6 more uses left in the kit”. Watch full review

James Charles

"I do like the results a lot, I feel that it would be so so useful to people who have thinner brows or not as meny brow hairs. I would definitely recommend this product". Watch full review

eyebrow lamination by james charles using DIY lamination kit by elevate the beauty

Susan Yara

"My brows are so much fuller looking, I really like it, very happy I actually did it. It is intimidated when you first get the kit, but DIY is actually not as hard as I thought it’s gonna be". Watch full review

As/Is on Buzzfeed

"This is a solid foundation to have full brows every day and spend less time on them overall. It was easy and the best part is - it stays for 6 weeks. I am impressed!" Watch full review

As/Is eyebrow lamination elevate the beauty brow lash lamination kit